At Edwards Custom Editing we offer a wide range of editing and proofreading services.

Using our unique process, we guarantee efficient, timely, and accurate results.

Services include:

  • English Language Editing
  • Grammar and Spelling Review
  • Content Evaluation and Advice
  • Citation Review

We welcome submissions of:

  • Academic papers
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Professional publications
  • Professional conference publications
  • Grant documents
  • Academic and professional calls for abstracts
  • Resumes and Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letters
  • LinkedIn pages

In addition, we offer several special services:

  • Comprehensive website language and content review
  • Comprehensive website UX/UI evaluation
  • Simple website design and development
  • WordPress support
  • Writing pedagogy review and consultation
  • Custom projects

Edwards Custom Editing also works with companies worldwide on retainer to provide on-time and accurate English language review of your most important internal and public documents. Full confidentiality guaranteed.

See our Pricing page for more information and a quick, competitive, and customized quote on all these services.

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